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New Android Update v493

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Greetings, @Baldr 

New Android Update is available, old version will be disabled after a week, for new download links please refer below:

Direct Link - http://patch.baldr.pro/Baldr_v493_20240628092635.apk
Mediafire - https://www.mediafire.com/file/f84xc1chcahmo1l/Baldr_v493_20240628092635.apk/file
Mega - https://mega.nz/file/fhkmBR7L#THBqiA1b0dvuwPD7XSmmAQNW_4e-yy3wQDEhck4585s


Install a new one over the old one, it will pick up the old files.


v493 (2024-06-28)
- Fixed maps with RSW version 2.7 crashing AndRO
- Fixed bug that rotating screen could sometimes make it turn black
- Fixed bugs with RSM2 models positioning in certain screnarios
- Fixed 0x436 login packet sending incorrect client tick
- Now support t_login.jpg login background for suitable packet versions
- Going @autotrade will now send you to login screen without displaying a (sometimes misleading) disconnection message 
- Fixed crash when setting up vending on certain servers

v492 (2024-06-18)
- Fixed GM cloth palettes
- Fixed crash from v491 on msgstringtable initialization when skipping client download

v491 (2024-06-15)
- CSV msgstringtable support
- Fixed crash from v490
- Small initialization speed optimizations

v490 (2024-06-14)
- Hat effects system support
- Speed optimizations on reading encrypted GRFs

v489 (2024-06-09)
- Minor stability improvements

v488 (2024-06-06)
- Support for MSG tags in NPC dialogs and RODEX mail
- Small optimizations on reading some resources

v487 (2024-05-28)
- Fixed HTTP emblems not working on certain servers
- Fixed not all BGM files downloaded on certain servers
- Fixed a rare "bad address" error when patching

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