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Event Shop Update

  • C. Black Tea Kochakaden Hat
  • C. Charming Ribbon
  • C. Nekomimi Kafra
  • C. Ice Cream Hat
  • Costume Shiba Inu [0]
  • Costume Candy Cane In Mouth [0]
  • Costume Analyze Eye [0]
  • Costume Donut in Mouth [0]

Premium Exchanger Addition

  • Costume Ramen Hat [0]
  • Costume Soulless Wing [0]
  • Costume Side Cap [0]
  • Costume Tiraya Bonnet [0]

Fixed some items in Premium Exchanger:

  • Costume Yellow Ribbon - Replace Refined Drooping Cat to Yellow Ribbon [0]
  • Costume Valhalla Idol - Replace Anubis helm to Valhalla Idol [0]

Fixed Pachinko items that doesn't have effect

  • Costume Fleece Hat [0] 20162 (Additional 20% Increase Drop Rate //upper,mid,lower)
  • Costume Mask of Ifrit [0] 20481 (Additional 20% Increase Drop Rate //upper,mid,lower)
  • Costume Yao Jun [0] 19821 (Additional 20% Increase Drop Rate //upper,mid,lower)
  • Costume Piggyback 31165 (5% Increase Drop Rate)

Fixed MVP Point Exchanger

Plant cultivation activated

WoE Participation and other rewards added back.

Disable PVP Warper during WoE to avoid players using bg food buffs

Removed ROTD NPC in Main Offce

Fixed Honor Badge Item IDS for Biosphere item requirements

Added 5% Increase on Drop Rates on Event Rewards

  • C. April Fools' Day (5% Drop) - Fashionista Challenge Prize
  • C. Drooping Panda (Monthsary Giveaway)
  • C. Shiba Inu Black Hat (Event Giveaway)
  • C. Humming Bird (Event Giveaway)
  • C. Poporing Cap (Event Giveaway)

Ancient Gold Ornament is now set to Costume

Added Convex Mirror to shops.



KOE T, Th 9:00am and 9:00pm


9:00-10:00 Rothenburg (Baby)

21:00-22:00 Eyolbriggar (Trans WOE)


9:00-10:00 Eyolbriggar (Trans WOE)

21:00-22:00 Rothenburg (Baby)


9:00-10:00 Rothenburg  (Baby)

21:00-22:00 Eyolbriggar  (Trans WOE)


9:-00-10:00 Sacred Altar


8:00-10:00 Himinn



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