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Progressive Update : Episode 12.0 Satan Morroc

  • Mercenary Rental
  • The Sign Quest enabled.
  • Dandellion Quest enabled.
  • Mr Smile Quest enabled.
  • Added Name Changer NPC *now you can use symbols in your character names*
  • Added Enchant Recycler *exchange your obsolete enchants for a new enchant box*
  • Massive Overhaul of Battlegrounds Rewards. Rentals and Perpetual Equipments are now available.


  • Solo Package Update


  • MVP Blue Print enabled.


  • New Lotti Girls (Zeny and token) added!
  • image.png.761b7fc760d5e14a53f37b8ab54d3720.png


  • MVP and Mini Boss Hp's are adjusted by TIER! Tier A = x4 HP, Tier B = x3 HP, Tier C = x2 HP, Tier D = x1 HP



  • New Cash Shop Items added!


  • New Missions added to Mission Giver (Main Office, 2nd Floor, Right)
  • New Costumes added to Premium Costume Exchanger (Main Office, 2nd Floor, Left)
  • Added MVP Points exchanger so you can exchange your MVP Points to MVP Stones needed for the MVP Blue Prints.
  • Updated Hourly Rewards Shop! New ENCHANTABLE Upper Costume available!
  • Added Battleground Gacha! Look for Lt. Man Gan Cho @ battlegrounds lobby.
  • Added Honor Badge Exchanger!


  • New Main TOWN added! @go Overhaul
  • Experience Rates increased from 100x to 150x
  • Drop rates increased from 1x to 50x on all normal monster drops.
  • Safe Refine is now enabled for Enrich Elunium/Oridecon upgrades.


  • Acid Bottle and Fire Bottle now drops at this list of monsters:

1023    Orc Warrior  
1031    Poporing   
1049    Picky   
1051    Thief Bug  
1062    Santa Poring 
1117    Evil Druid
1152    Orc Skeleton
1153    Orc Zombie
1158    Phen 
1167    Savage Babe 
1175    Tarou
1177    Zenorc
1189    Orc Archer
1213    High Orc
1273    Orc Lady
1594    Freezer

Quality of Life:

  • @go added to @commands
  • @storage added to @commands
  • Warper now warps to all levels excluding Quest Maps which you can do via quest or if you just want to pay to unlock you can pay 5m Zeny as fee (per character)
  • Platinum NPC now offers its services free of charge.
  • Reverted Hill Wind Spawn rate to normal.
  • Reverted Buying Store to its original buying list.
  • Added exemption for Support Classes to Access Light and Dark Biosphere Dungeon.
  • CR_CULTIVATION - enabled.
  • Ammunitions NPC - New arrows added.
  • Creations NPC - creation materials npc added.
  • Added Training Dummy



Technical Changes:

  • Reduced character deletion time. From 5 days, adjusted it to 3 days.

Disabled Content: (eol)

  • Disabled Snowy Lotti NPCs (Shirley, Varmundt, Axis, Kazumi)
  • Disabled Charity of Basket Quest.
  • Disabled Easter Egg Hunt Event.
  • Disabled Bunny Quest.
  • Disabled PVP Potions.

Temporary GVG Schedules: 

GuildCap: 24 (temporary)

Monday -  Wednesday - Friday:

King Of Emperium 
9:00 - 9:45 AM Valkyrie Arena
9:00 - 9:45 PM Freya Arena

BABY WOE AM ( 8:00 - 9:00 AM) = Rothenburg
FE WOE TRANS PM ( 8:00 - 9:00 PM ) = Bamboo Grove Hill

BABY WOE AM ( 8:00 - 9:00 AM) = Rothenburg
FE WOE TRANS PM ( 8:00 - 9:00 PM )= Bamboo Grove Hill

FE WOE TRANS PM ( 8:00 - 9:00 PM ) =  Bamboo Grove Hill

SE WOE TRANS PM ( 8:00 - 10:00 PM ) = Himinn


(TBU) * I think i forgot something -Kaz

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