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Fixed memory leaks

  • Fixed autobonus trigger failure.
  • Fixed autobonus on the same equip slot.
  • Fixed Elemental Converter and equip swap
  • Fixed players without can_trade permission being able to sell items
  • Adjusted swapping equipment behavior
  • Adjusted script command progressbar_npc behavior
  • Fixed secure timeout triggering npc_scriptcont debug messages
  • Adjusts npcskilleffect and skilleffect
  • Removed skilleffect/npcskilleffect cap
  • Cleaned up hat effect code
  • Converted from self written container to std::vector.
  • Fixed min/max issue for zero variable value
  • Added NPC path to debug output

Enabled Coin System 

  • Vending Tax is 20%
  • Disabled Buying Store
  • Coin Trader located at Prontera 147,153 (Buying Coins 20% tax, Selling Coins no tax)
  • Disabled Zeny Trading

Enabled Lotti with New Items Up for Grabs

Disabled Skill Queue

Added Place Holder for WOE Consumables and refactored Battlegrounds Lobby

Added Schedules for KOE and WOE, added WOE Prize Giver and KOE Point Shop for updates before Fortress Lords Official.

Milestone Compensation rewards added.


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